Publications List

Google Citation Profile 2022 Roberta Esposito, Taisia Polidori, Dominik F. Meise, …, Lina Zhu, …, Xin Wang, Ivan Martinez, Adrian F. Ochsenbein, Carsten Riether, Rory Johnson. Multi-hallmark long noncoding RNA maps reveal non-small cell lung cancer vulnerabilities. Cell Genomics. September 14, 2022. In-Seob Lee, Zhongxu Zhu, Jeeyun Lee, Joon Oh Park, Xiwei Wu, Tiffany Ong, Sierra Min Li, Xin Wang, Joseph Chao and Ajay Goel. A liquid biopsy signature predicts treatment response to fluoropyrimidine plus platinum therapy in patients with metastatic or unresectable gastric cancer: implications for precision oncology.

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