A MicroRNA Signature Associated With Metastasis of T1 Colorectal Cancers to Lymph Nodes.

Authors Ozawa T†, Kandimalla R†, Gao F†, Nozawa H, Hata K, Nagata H, Okada S, Izumi D, Baba H, Fleshman J, Wang X, Watanabe T, Goel A. Gastroenterology 2017 Abstract Most T1 colorectal cancers treated by radical surgery can now be cured by endoscopic submucosal dissection. Although 70%-80% of T1 colorectal cancers are classified as high risk, <16% of these patients actually have lymph node metastases. Biomarkers are needed to identify patients with T1 cancers with the highest risk of metastasis, to prevent unnecessary radical surgery.

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